Officials Inspect Fang Prison

 | Fri 7 Nov 2014 18:41 ICT

CityNews – Fang district chief Manas Khansai on Thursday inspected around 2,000 inmates at Fang Prison.

Officials with some of the items they seized. Photo: Chiang Mai Province Public Relations Division.

He arrived at around 6.30am, accompanied by about 100 others including prison officials, police officers and border patrol police.

They inspected the prison, looking for drugs, phones and other contraband, as part of the Department of Corrections’ efforts to increase the number of ‘white prisons’ without narcotics and mobile phones.

They found none of these, but seized some lighters, belts and crude home-made knives. Prison officials said there are few problems there as random inspections are carried out regularly.

Fang Prison holds around 2,000 male inmates, 90 percent of whom were convicted of drug offences.