Officials Check for Contaminants at Siri Wattana Market

 | Thu 13 Nov 2014 17:18 ICT

CityNews – Officials from Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office checked for contaminants in food during an event attended by students from Malaysia at Siri Wattana market on Nov 11. Led by Isara Nanawichit, the head of the Chiang Mai Consumer Protection Division, the Malaysian students observed food safety and took part in on-the-spot checks for illegal contaminants or chemicals on raw fruits and vegetables and in reused oil. 
The inspection was part of the government’s food production licensing procedure, which requires checks after the licence has been granted. Isara told reporters that full legal action would be taken if any food was found to contain illegal contaminants.
Both licensed and unlicensed premises were inspected. As unlicensed companies are still able to operate under the law, the division conducts inspections more frequently, often using mobile units for on-the-spot checks.
The Malaysian students helped in the processes and also observed the production of Halal food in Chiang Mai. The division also acts as a Halal food inspection centre.