Odd new players from Bangkok demanding 100,000b for Pi Tia

 | Mon 25 May 2020 13:24 ICT

Weeraya Pongsartharn, a Bangkok PR maven known to build up new stars, Dr. Surin Methanee, son of a famous actor and national artist of Thailand and Decha Kittiwittahyanant, law consultant to Watchdog Thailand a foundation which has currently taken on the cause of Pi Tia the Chiang Mai University campus dog found dead earlier this month, brought ‘Tung Ngern,’ the mother of Pi Tia to the police station on 23rd May.

The trio also brought along Somsak Chaiwongs, 72, who is allegedly the ‘owner’ of Pi Tia, to officially ask for justice for the campus dog.

A sign saying, ‘Why did you kill my son?” was hung from Tung Ngern’s neck.

Decha, the lawyer, told reporters that he was officially filing a report against police corporal Prinya ‘Bank’ Panyabutre for ‘theft at night with use of a vehicle as well as animal cruelty’.


If it is discovered that there was a conspiracy to commit the crime, with one other person involved, then Prinya and his alleged coconspirator, according to Decha, could face up to five years in jail. With the use of a vehicle it could increase to seven years and six months in jail plus the two years for animal cruelty.

It was Watchdog Thailand who found Pi Tia’s alleged owner, Somsak the 72 year old man. Somsak said that he was very sad to hear the news of Tia’s death, as he had been recovering from a hernia and was housebound for a while. He said that he only heard about Tia’s death from the media. He said that he had raised Tia himself, and his mother still lived with him. The reason Tia moved to live in Chiang Mai University, he said, was because there used to be many dorms and apartments near where he lived and Tia used to hang out with the students, often following them into campus until one day he stayed there. At first, he said, he used to try to bring Tia home, but he saw that he was cared for and happy, so for the past six or seven years, Tia has been going backwards and forwards himself between his house and the university. He insisted that he would work with Watchdog Thailand to file charges.

He has set a price of 100,000 baht for the value of Pi Tia which he will seek in compensation from corporal Prinya.