No More Parking Outside Suan Dok Hospital

 | Tue 26 Aug 2014 16:40 ICT

CityNews – Following a crackdown on illegal parking, the junta has now ordered that the stretch of Suthep Road outside Suan Dok Hospital must be cleared of all parked cars and vendors.Photo: CM108
Suan Dok is Northern Thailand’s largest hospital, but has a maximum parking capacity of only a thousand vehicles.
Visitors are currently allowed to park along Suthep Road, causing large amounts of congestion. Vendors have been moved in recent months, but this has not made much difference to the traffic.
Between now and September 14, Chiang Mai Traffic Police will begin to enforce the new rules, but without penalties for offenders. From September 15, the new rules will be enforced strictly and anyone caught parking on Suthep Road will have their cars clamped and be fined.
Red and white markings will be painted on the road to indicate that no parking is allowed at any time. 
This new initiative aims to reduce congestion on Suthep Road, ease traffic problems and create a faster flow of traffic, helping emergency services reach the hospital quicker.