New zodiac lottery is under way

 | Fri 2 Aug 2019 16:25 ICT

CityNews – The Government Lottery Office is proposing a zodiac lottery.

A new lottery is under way with pictures of the 12 zodiac signs instead of numbers, which the The Government Lottery Office claims is designed “based on Thai social values”. The price is expected to be at 50 baht a pop and tickets will be available for purchase via an application with age restrictions. Prizes will be announced on the 1st and the 16th of the month. Winnings will be based on matchings of the zodiac signs.

The launch of zodiac lottery aims in part to tackle the proliferation of underground lotto, but academics say otherwise. Witsanu Wongsingskoon, an economic scholar told Khaosod that the existing number lotto and this new zodiac one are not interchangeable as they are different kinds of lottery. The report pointed out that this new lottery will likely bait Thai consumers to purchase more lotteries and the government will gain more revenue.