Netflix Goes Live in Thailand

 | Thu 7 Jan 2016 04:34 ICT

CityNews – According to the twitter account of Netflix, a popular online media channel previously only accessable in the US, UK and a few European countries, has implemented their first global campaign dubbed #NetflixEverywhere – going live in 130 new countries across the world including Thailand.


On January 6, Netflix announced on their twitter account @Netflix that they were “going global”, and soon after 130 countries had dedicated Netflix websites launched.

Thailand’s Netflix offers monthly packages from 280 baht a month for a basic package, moving to 350 baht and 420 baht for Ultra HD packages.

It appears that Thai subtitles are not yet available, but the content is the same for each country around the world.

According to a press release, Netflix will begin to produce original series in French, Italian and Portuguese next year.

According to Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, this is the start of a global network which will take over 20 years, mentioning Thailand as one of their main target audiences, aiming to make Netflix as popular here as it is in the US. He also mentioned plans to supportĀ Thai language and subtitles and obtain licences from Thai television companies and film companies.