Myanmar Wildfire Crosses Thai Border, Damages 15 Rai of Protected Forest

 | Tue 13 Mar 2018 08:45 ICT

CityNews – A wildfire in Myanmar has crossed over the border to Thailand, destroying over 15 rai of forest in the Pha Daeng National Park.

Today, Pha Daeng National Park revealed that on March 11th, a wildfire in Myanmar crossed into Thailand damaging over 15 rai of protected land.

The superintendent of the national park stated that forest burning is a difficult problem to solve, with people in both Myanmar and Thailand burning forests in order to hunt or scavenge for wild food. He added that in Chiang Dao, the geology is difficult to traverse so authorities find it difficult to regulate the no burning ban.

On March 12, another farmer was found burning agricultural waste in Muang Na, Chiang Dao. Wichai Wichittammawong was arrested for burning mango leaves.