Myanmar 6.0M Quake Felt in Chiang Mai

 | Fri 12 Jan 2018 08:05 ICT

CityNews – An earthquake in Myanmar last night was felt in Chiang Mai as the 6.0 magnitude shook the region at 1.26am.

The 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck at a shallow depth of just 10km and shook most of Myanmar and neighbouring countries. Aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.3 were felt three more times during the night but luckily no injuries or serious damages to buildings an infrastructure has been reported.

The epicentre was in a remote part of central Myanmar, 40km west of the town of Pyu. Quakes are not uncommon in Myanmar as it sits on the Sagaing Fault, which runs through the centre of the country from north to south.

The last quake in Myanmar to be felt in Chiang Mai was the 2012 quake that killed 26 people and injured hundreds more around its epicentre.

In 2014, a quake that originated from the Phayao Fault line in Chiang Rai shook Chiang Mai and the north of Thailand.

There has been no reports of injuries or deaths at this point despite Myanmar’s authorities saying that this quake was ‘quite strong’.