Municipality working hard to reduce and recycle waste

 | Fri 25 Nov 2022 19:51 ICT

The Chiang Mai Municipality has said that it is working towards its target of reducing our garbage by 300 tonnes per day, through recycling and repurposing.

The Chiang Mai Municipality has announced that it is collecting used car tires to be repurposed and made into objects such as flower pots or swings and furniture. These items are then donated to schools and communities in need.

Other used items such as mattresses, are being cleaned and given to the poor and parts from other donated or trashed goods are being repurposed and made into useful items for doantion.

A large seven rai piece of land in Rama IX Park has been slated for this project. There are areas for compost with fertilizer then donated to communities. An organic garden with over 50 species of plants are also producing over 100 kg of produce a day – all given away. To date they have been able to donate 5000 kgs of goods.

“Chiang Mai has a real pollution problem, especially our air pollution,” said the head of the mechanics department of the municipality. “The municipality has committed to resolving this issue to the best of our ability.” To that end, large-scale sorting now of garbage is being done separating goods into – repurpose and composting.

Every day the municipality collects around 300 tonnes of garbage. Initials sorting results in three tonnes of organic waste which goes directly into the compost system. There is a further two tonnes daily produced from branches, leaves and other organic waste, resulting in around 80 tonnes per month or around 400 trees per month. Compost is distributed freely.

Other waste will be developed creatively into products of use to the public.