Missing Teen Found with Her Classmate Father

 | Fri 11 Jan 2019 12:36 ICT

CityNews – The missing teen from Bangkok has been found in Chiang Mai with her classmate’s father.

14 year old ‘Yoyo’ had been missing since December 27th. She lives with her family in Bangkok and that day was her last day of school before the winter break. CCTV camera revealed that she left the school at 1pm and rode on a tuk tuk before she disappeared. A day later family received a letter from Yoyo expressing her distress. In the letter she complained about having to be responsible for her two younger brothers, leaving her no time for hanging out with friends. She was also upset that her mother was being strict towards her, before adding that she needed to be away from home for a while and that she would return once she is ready.

Police had tracked down her phone signal along with her social media account which last appeared in Rayong a day after her last appearance at school. But the signal then soon vanished.

On January 10th, 14 days later, Yoyo the missing teen, was spotted in Chiang Mai. Police issued a search at an apartment in Nong Pa Khrang where they finally found Yoyo who was with an adult man. Yoyo’s physical condition is reportedly normal. The man is identified as Ronnachit Damrongjit, 52, a father of Yoyo’s classmate and her former tutor. He stated that he picked up Yoyo after school and then took her on a trip with his motorcycle. His motivation has not yet been clarified.