Missing Lottery Tickets Worth 3 Million Baht are Found

 | Tue 24 Jun 2014 16:45 ICT

CityNews – Last week we reported 42,800 lottery tickets had gone missing while being transported to Ayutthaya Province via the Thailand Post. They have now been found distributed in the Wang Saphung district of Loei province.

On Thursday, 19 June, several lottery vendors unknowingly bought the missing lottery tickets from dealers at the lottery bazaar in Wang Saphung district. After reports of the missing lottery had been announced, vendors who bought tickets from the area compared their ticket numbers to the missing numbers published online to confirm that they were in possession of those missing tickets. The vendors then reported their tickets to the police and lodged complaints about their suppliers.

A few days ago the police announced a 20,000 baht reward for anybody who found missing lottery tickets. The value of all the lost tickets totalled 3 million baht. All the lost tickets have been cancelled, however, and have been all reprinted with the same numbers with different letters of the alphabet to distinguish between them.