Mind blowing event!

 | Mon 21 Dec 2020 14:39 ICT

On Wednesday 16th December Prem’s Artist Residence Thailand in partnership with Real Talk Philosophy hosted a truly mind expanding event at Food4Thought restaurant. The keynote speakers were  philosopher and broadcaster Nigel Warburton (author of more than ten books, his world famous podcast ‘philosophy bites’ has been downloaded close to forty two million times) and Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Anil Seth (University of Sussex Co-Director, Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science Co-Director and Leverhulme Doctoral Programme). It was a real honour to hear these two experts discuss consciousness and answer complex questions from the audience. The discussions that the evening engendered covered a huge range of issues relating to consciousness, are all animals conscious in some way? What do we mean by higher consciousness? How close are we to being able to have empirical data about our consciousness? Is it possible for a machine to be conscious?

The event was a great example of how Prem International School has maintained offering its students top quality collaboration opportunities with leading experts, even during these pandemic times. Our thanks to all the Prem students who attended, and the teachers that chaperoned. Particular and fulsome thanks to our Creative Director Alex Soulsby for instigating and organising  this event in conjunction with Real Talk Philosophy.

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