Mayor visits Granada to talk Smart City

 | Wed 13 Jul 2022 18:27 ICT

Assanee Buranupakorn, Mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality, led the Chiang Mai Municipality delegates to visit Granada in Spain on Tuesday and Wednesday under the International Urban Regional Cooperation (IURC) Programme sponsored by the European Union. Altogether 135 cities are joining this programme, with 13 from Spain. 

Francissco Herrera Triguero, Deputy Mayor of the Granada City Council revealed that this meeting was to identify the framework of cooperation, in particular in the area of Smart City and innovation with the purpose of new opportunities for both cities. Chiang Mai and Granada share similarities in being cities of tourism both with interests in smart city and innovation. Francissco Herrera also visited Chiang Mai two weeks ago.
Details are scarce, but Citylife has an interview with the mayor on the 18th of July and we welcome all of your questions.