Mango Truck Crash Damages 24 Motorbikes in Lampang

 | Mon 9 Jun 2014 23:02 ICT

CityNews – A ten-wheeler truck carrying mangoes crash on the southbound of Chiang Mai – Lampang Superhighway resulted in damages to 24 motorbikes parked on the side of the road.

At 9.30 a.m. on 8th June, officers at Hang Chat Police Station received a report that a ten-wheeler truck overturned on the Chiang Mai – Lampang superhighway between km 493 and 494 marks. The police went to the scene with a rescue team from Wiang Tan, Lampang.

The truck’s payload of mangoes spilled and covered the highway. The mangoes also damaged 24 motorbikes belonging to villagers who were picking mushrooms nearby. The highway police went to the scene to help due to traffic congestion.

The truck driver, Suchet Seeburutayu (54) and his passenger had minor injuries. He told police that he was hired to deliver the fruit from Amphur Phrao, Chiang Mai to the Amphur Sadao in Songkhla. Suchet heard parts of the vehicle breaking off when he went into a curve, then lost control of the ten-wheeler and overturned it.

Police officers took photos as evidence and brought the motorbikes to Hang Chat Police station for the truck’s insurance company to estimate the damage and file claims.

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