Man launches Tiny Vehicle with Mighty Strength

CityNews – On 18th January 2020 at Sanpatong District office, a man presented his new invention, a multiple-purpose engine which has been converted from a small engine which he says can help alleviate labour in a variety of areas as well as reduces costs for farmers, inviting the media to come and take a look at his new machine.
Tak Phrapornlon, 40, is an inventor who left his home in Isaan and moved to Chiang Mai four years ago. He said that his parents are farmers and he brought the last of his life savings with him to Chiang Mai with the aim of inventing some kind of machine to help farmers. Most of his research was done online, he said.

As to the ‘Tiny Vehicle with Mighty Strength’, as he calls his invention, only costs 14,500 baht and uses Benzene, and has two forward gears and one reverse. It has multiple add-ons which can be purchased for reasonable prices to do various gardening and farming jobs with the total cost of the entire engine and all add-ons at 34,000 baht. It can be used to mow, plough, rake, till, disk, carry heavy loads, pump water and an array of other useful jobs.
Tak says that you can find out more from his Facebook Fanpage / youtube chanel “รถไถจิ๋วจอมพลัง” or call 0882516929 in Thai only.