Man in ICU for From Effects of Air Pollution

 | Thu 31 Jan 2019 13:20 ICT

CityNews – A man is in ICU after being exposed to the annual air pollution.

A Facebook post of Songsamut SpeedVan who lives Samut Songkhram has gone viral after he has shared his experience of being hospitlised for respiratory problems. He explained that on this past Sunday he started to cough, and by nightfall he had caught a cold and had sore throat. The next day his asthma has gotten worse leading him to go to the hospital. He found that he has respiratory inflammation along with low oxygen in his blood. He was transferred to the ICU. It was then when he was unable to speak, his blood pressure went up to 195 causing blood vessels in his eyes to break. His indigestion system also began to fail.

He has been hospitalised for five days under close care of physicians. He also warns people especially those with asthma and respiratory issues to beware of the being expose to the haze. His post has been shared over 28k times