Man Drowns in Dam After Accidental Fall

 | Mon 29 Jun 2015 03:28 ICT

CityNews – A body was found on June 27, floating in a dam in the Hang Dong area, who police believe to be a victim of a fatal accident while collecting flowers.

dam drown

The body was identified as 79-year-old Kong Panyachai from Sansai.

Acording to his family and friends, Kong often went to river banks and the dam to collect hyacinths in the morning.

He was last seen at the dam around 6am.

The sides of the dam are very steep and there is a lot of moss covering the ground in that area, which led police to believe that he slipped and hit his head, causing him to become unconscious and fall into the water.

His body has been taken to Makaraj Nakron Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy.