Mae Kha Canal Dredged To Help Reduce Flooding

 | Thu 15 Jun 2017 06:56 ICT

CityNews – Authorities are busy dredging the Mae Kha Canal, following last month’s flood on the 19th-21st May that saw many parts of the city under water. While clearing the Mae Kha and the city drains is the responsibility of the municipality, many other organisations have had to step in to help the mayor, who seems to have left the dredging rather late due in part to complacency over the past few years’ drought.

Governor Pawin Chamniprasert announced that following directions from the Prime Minister who has asked all provinces to prepare for the heavy rains expected this year, he has set up working groups and has also put notices all over the city asking people not to throw garbage down drains, as this is the major cause of the flooding.

The municipality has said that they are clearing the drains and waterways and are finding many large piece of garbage including many mattresses, furniture, car engines and parts. The mattresses, stuffed with coconut husks, are often used to filter the dirty water in the Mae Kha during the dry months, but must be removed by the rainy season as they clog the waterways. The municipality is also setting up a knowledge centre about compost at the Rama IX park to take some of the ten tonnes of detritus collected and turn them into compost. Many of the mattresses which are in good condition will also be cleaned and donated to the poor.

If you have large pieces of garbage to dispose of, please call the municipality during working hours at 053-259116-7.