Lorry and Chinese Tourist Car Involved in Head on Collision

 | Wed 22 Feb 2017 07:16 ICT

CityNews РA lorry and a car from China were involved in a head on collision yesterday afternoon, February 21, on the Chiang Mai РHang Dong Road.

chinese crash

Nobody was killed in the incident, but the driver of the car, a Chinese male was severely injured and a woman in the car was also injured. The lorry driver, Yongyut Kanthanin, suffered minor injuries. The names of the Chinese tourists are yet unknown.

The collision happened on a small bend in the road where, from crash site evidence, suggests that both cars were veering towards the middle of the road. In the photographs taken, the lorry was stopped well over the yellow main road line, but crash debris suggests that the collision happened before the lorry crossed the line.

Authorities have taken photographic evidence and told the press they would investigate the incident and evaluate the evidence before blaming one or both parties officially.