Lin Ping Delivers Twin Baby Pandas in China

 | Wed 29 Jul 2015 04:06 ICT

CityNews — A Chinese website ( has reported that Lin Ping, the first female panda born in Chiang Mai Zoo and sent back to China on September 28, 2013, delivered her babies at Ya An Panda Conservation and Research on the evening of July 27.

หลินปิงคลอดลูก (2)

The first twin baby is female and was born at around 4.46pm according to local time. The second one, whose sex hasn’t yet identified, was born at around 6.33pm.

Nipon Wichairat, acting for the director of Chiang Mai Zoo, said the birth of Lin Ping’s twin baby pandas was delightful news for Chiang Mai residents and other Thai people across the country. Though she gave birth in China, she was also loved by Thai people, he says.

Chiang Mai Zoo is now expecting pregnancy of Lin Hui, Ling Ping’s mother, after the artificial insemination on June 21.