Large fireworks banned

 | Wed 2 Nov 2022 18:34 ICT

A team from the Chiang Mai Municipality today invited CityNews and local media to join them as they inspected shops selling fireworks ahead of the upcoming Loy Krathonhg Festival 

According to authorities all large fireworks and firecrackers are banned and after inspecting many shops they were reassured that all are in compliance. 

“The area in front of the municipality will be fireworks-free,” said Rachanee Chomcheun, deputy mayor. “Also the area across the river at Wat Sri Kong. In both areas there will be no fireworks for sale or allowed to use.”

The latest city landmark, Mae Kha Canal, will also have a ban on fireworks, though small harmless ones are permissible. Anyone wishing to release larger fireworks must ask permission from the municipal office beforehand. 

Health and safety of the people is the authorities’ focus this year, she continued, adding that 50 policemen will be on patrol each day to alleviate traffic and watch out for any violations that could threaten the public safety.  

She added that there will also be many plainclothes officers patrolling the city.