Lanterns are strictly banned from certain areas

 | Wed 2 Nov 2022 18:52 ICT
According to AOT, The release of lanterns is strictly monitored this year with a total of 18.5kms stretch along the line of airplane descent and ascent. There will be a zero tolerance ban on all lanterns in these areas. Areas affected with be certain areas in the Chiang Mai city, Saraphee, Sansai, Hangdong, Mae Rim and Sanpatong.      
Lanterns, however can be released on both the 8th and 9th November between 7pm and 1am, if permission for this had been sought one month ago. 
The AOT has reportedly changed 69 flights, cancelling 55 altogether during the times lanterns are allowed to be released to mitigate any danger caused by them.
Anyone who violates this law can face up to 5 years in jai and a 200,000 baht fine.