Kratoms leaves are legal, but once boiled you are busted if you sell it

 | Thu 11 Jan 2024 22:20 ICT
Police conducted citywide raids earlier this week after a fight broke up on the 3rd January at Tha Pae Gate involving up to 50 teens.

Police lead a raid and arrested two men in possession of 29 bottles of kratom; the leaves being legal, but once processed – in this case boiled – the product is illegal. 

Police say that they attribute the violence earlier this year to the consumption of Kratom, which they believe lead to hyper activity and search for violence. 

The law currently states that the selling and consumption of kratom leaves are legal as is the boiling of the product into a drink. However, they can not be sold. Some shops and venues are adding additives such as cough drinks and energy drinks into the mix and this is what is illegal.