Jehovah’s Witnesses warmly invite you to watch the video “From Sad to Glad”

 | Fri 9 Sep 2022 16:30 ICT

World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated annually on 10 September. This day was established in 2003 by the International Association for Suicide Prevention in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) because globally, every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide.

Jehovah’s Witnesses feel it is important to help our community with this important health issue. They invite everyone to watch the video “From Sad to Glad” (Click here to watch VDO). This video animation sensitively and effectively presents practical suggestions for someone who is suffering from sadness to become more positive.

“Many people encounter a lot of problems which makes them feel discouraged. This video has helped many Jehovah’s Witnesses to stay positive even when they have a lot of problems. We believe that this video can help other people too” said Mr. Sattaya Phongsri, spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses. The official website for Jehovah’s Witnesses, provides other useful information related to this topic. Please review the following articles using the links below.

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