Jao Pra Ya Stingray Predicts France as Winner of UEFA Euro 2016

 | Wed 6 Jul 2016 05:38 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium has joined the UEFA Euro 2016 hype by getting the Jao Pra Ya Stingray to predict the winners of the upcoming games.

stingray football guess

Flags representing the remaining teams, France, Germany, Portugal and Wales, had food left at them and the first one the stingray ate from was the official predicted winner.

The stingray chose France as the winner of the UEFA Euro 2016.

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium added that the Jao Pra Ya Stingray fish is becoming extinct, a stingray found in the Jao Pra Ya River, which it is trying to conserve.