Hundreds of Myanmar residents protest junta

 | Mon 5 Apr 2021 13:49 ICT

At 4pm yesterday evening a large group of Myanmar residents of Chiang Mai gathered at the Municipal Stadium to show their solidarity for those fighting for democracy against the military junta.

There were hundreds of people gathered, and they sang songs and held signs of encouragement to their fellow citizens across the border.

“The situation is so much worse now,” said Deena, a refugee from the Rakhine State who travelled to Chiang Mai for the protest from her home in Bangkok. “The army are using deadly weapons to kill large numbers of its own citizen, so much more than you see on the world media. I am so worried for my friends and family back home”

Many people expressed their frustration at their inability to help their own people, saying that fund- and awareness-raising is just about all they can do.

Organisers told media that this gathering was legal and permission had been asked by authorities. A group of 100 policemen were on standby in the area in case of any troubles, said Chang Phuak Police representative.

The gathering was peaceful.