Government offices overrun with gangs of street dogs

 | Tue 28 Feb 2023 21:09 ICT
The Chiang Mai Provincial Hall has been overrun by gangs of street dogs who have been living and roaming the area for many years, said one official who asked not to be named.
Many people have been complaining of late of being attacked or threatened by gangs of up to ten dogs who roam the car parking areas and are apparently aggressive. According to one official the dogs are even attacking parked vehicles and damaging them.
This problem has been on going for decades with many stray dogs being abandoned at the government offices by the public, growing the number of dogs in the area. The dogs are fed by kindhearted people every day.
In spite of numerous complaints, said the official, nothing effective has been done. The Department of Livestock Development has spayed and vaccinated all the dogs in the areas, yet their numbers are growing. One dog was found to have had rabies recently, adding to fears.