Government Incentive Entitles Dash Cam Owners to up to 10% Off Car Insurance

 | Tue 14 Mar 2017 06:48 ICT

CityNews – The Insurance Commission Office, (OIC) has announced that insurance premiums will now be reduced by 5 – 10% across the board if drivers have dash cams installed in their cars at the time of application.

On March 11, the OIC secretary, Suthipol Thaweechaikarn, said that through a registrar’s order, all cars with recording dash cams will receive an insurance premium discount, after they discovered that accidents were less likely to go to court if there was video evidence available.

He said that having dash cams helps people drive with better manners and respect of the rules, adding that Thai drivers are undisciplined and often break traffic rules designed to save people’s lives.

The OIC also claimed that current holders of car insurance can also receive the discount if they can prove they already had a dash cam installed at the time of their application. Any questions should be directed to the OIC helpline, 1186.