Girl in ICU as Bike Driver Awaits Court Decision

 | Thu 2 Mar 2017 09:05 ICT

CityNews – Police are still investigating the case of a bike driver hitting a three year old girl in a pram, while the young girl recovers in a hospital ICU.

Police updated CityNews with the latest information regarding their investigation following a super bike driver hitting a girl’s pram as her parents crossed the road before failing to wait and report to police who arrived on the scene.

According to police report, although the young girl had swelling on the brain, she did not require brain surgery. She is now slowly recovering in an ICU ward at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital. Doctors have said she must be there for at least one month to ensure her recovery.

In regards to the driver of the super bike, Markus Christopher, the police say the investigation is ongoing but their first reports that it was a hit and run incident referred to the driver not reporting to police straight away. Once police identified him, he admitted to being the driver.

The case is being taken to court and the results will be released pending a judges decision.