Gay Dad Sued by Transsexual Ex-Partner and Surrogate Mother of His Child

 | Wed 27 Aug 2014 18:19 ICT

CityNews – A gay man is being sued in the Chiang Mai Provincial Court by his transsexual ex-girlfriend and the surrogate mother of their baby daughter, who claim he abducted the child, reports said this week.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
Kajonkiet Chailinfah, 33, has taken care of the 10-month-old girl since she was born, reports said. He claims that he and his transsexual partner of three years, Sirisak Ratchusanti, wanted a baby, so they hired local woman Neeranuch Jaimuang to act as a surrogate for 100,000 baht.

A doctor at a private hospital injected his sperm into Neeranuch’s womb and she gave birth to the baby girl last November, he says. However, local media reported that Sirisak was named as the child’s father on the birth certificate.

Kajonkiet and Sirisak later broke up, and the three argued about who should have custody of the child.

Sarapee district police summoned all parties to negotiate, but they could not come to an agreement so the matter has been sent to court for a hearing and possible DNA testing.

While at a police station this week to discuss the case, Kajonkiet reportedly left the girl and his keys in his car, with the air conditioner on. He had to smash the car window to get to her.