French Mint Exposes New King Rama X Coin Before Official Thai Announcement

 | Thu 7 Dec 2017 07:13 ICT

CityNews – A french currency factory is under fire by the Thai Government after they revealed a mold for a King Rama X coin that the state has yet to announce.

On December 3, a video was published on Quartz Facebook page produced by Reuters, featured a little known fact that much of the worlds currency production is outsourced to mint factories such as the one in France that they featured. One of the coins they showed in the video was Thai Baht, with one section of the video clearly showing a mold of a new coin for Thailand with the face of King Rama X on it.

Thailand has yet to officially announce when the Royal Coronation will take place, and details on when bank notes, coins, stamps and other legal tender will changed to feature the face of the new Monarch have been scant.

The Treasury Department has warned people to not share the video on social media as the new coin designs are still classified as a state secret.

Thailand is currently seeking compensation from the French mint for damages after the unauthorised display of the new coin went viral.