Flowers season kicking off early

 | Wed 21 Sep 2022 19:16 ICT
The flower business is rubbing its hands in anticipation of the high season, which this year – claims one flower farm owner – will be on the 24th of September!
A 40 rai cockscomb (celosia) farm in Mae Rim, Farm Pa Nok Eiang, with claims to be the largest in the area, says that it will be open for visitors as of the 24th September of this year, as 80% of their flowers are now in bloom.

The Muang Kaew Sub-district of Mae rim is home to many flower growers with about 80% of the 200 Rai of land in the area dedicated to flowers. It is estimated that they export about 100 million baht of flowers per year. With a projected 100 million in tourist revenues projected for this high season, it is going to get busy.

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