Flash Flood Destroys Over 150 homes in Chae Hom

 | Mon 19 Sep 2016 10:05 ICT

CityNews – Several villages in Chae Hom, Lampang were destroyed after flash flooding damaged over 150 homes and caused a bridge to collapse on September 18.

flash flood lampang

The flash flood that hit the Chae Hom area of Lampang destroyed homes in Baan Pai Ngam Moo4, Baan Pai Pae Moo 5 and Baan Pai Thong Moo 6.

The water was reportedly over 2 metres deep with strong undercurrents. Large debris, trees and other solid objects were taken by the water, resulting in severe damage to properties further along.

Many locals had to escape their homes within minutes, leaving valuables and belongings at home, much of which has been destroyed or washed away.

The bridge leading to Chae Hom was also destroyed by the flood.

The District Chief Officer of Chae Home, other emergency response departments and the army inspected the area after the flood waters subsided. Cleaning and recovery operations are underway. No deaths have yet to be reported.