Fake-smiling Tour Staff Forced to Apologise for Damaging Thai Tourism By “Big Joke”

 | Thu 10 May 2018 08:02 ICT

CityNews – The fake-smiling tour operator staff who were giving flowers to Chinese tourists in a video that went viral have been brought in by police and charged with ‘damaging the image of Thai tourism’.

The two women seen in the video were forced to apologise by Tourist Police Maj Gen Surachet “Big Joke” Hakpal, the hard-line police officer making headlines due to his dramatic arrest operations and unusual name.

The two women apologised for damaging the image of Thai tourism and said that the would work hard to improve services. They said that that particular day they were hot and suffering from tiredness.

The video, which we shared on Facebook (but now appears to have been removed from the platform by the original owner), shows a woman in traditional Thai dress putting garlands around the necks of Chinese tourists who were boarding a bus. The woman only smiled for the photo before returning to a tired, and bored looking expression that caused many Chinese and Thai netizens to recreate the scene on social media as a joke.