Facebook Blocked in Thailand…And Then Unblocked

 | Wed 28 May 2014 22:19 ICT

Update: 4.34 pm – The official NCPO Twitter account @armypr_news tweets: The NCPO do not have a plan to shut down Facebook. They have assigned the ICT to look into this. Turns out it was technical problem with the gateway. They are resolving this. Expecting it to return at 5 p.m.  [Translated from Thai]

Update: 4.30 pm – Facebook is back up now. No official statements as to why it went down.

CityNews – At around 3.30 p.m. on May 28th it seems that the people of Thailand lost Facebook.

While we cannot confirm that the site has been blocked by the military, and so far other media sources haven’t commented on this, but it seems the site is down for people all over Thailand.

The page that comes up if you try and access Facebook say ‘Page is not available’, rather than the usual page that comes up when a page is blocked.

We will keep you informed. 

  • Popular blogger Richard Barrow just tweeted that it’s now official that Facebook has been blocked. he doesn’t, however, state his source of information. 
  • Voice TV just said, 4.28 p.m., that the Ministry of Information Technology (MICT) has been asked by the junta to temporarily block Facebook.
  • #facebookdown and #prayforfacebook is now trending on Twitter.