Exodus from Bangkok is causing authorities to tighten up measures

 | Mon 23 Mar 2020 13:35 ICT

CityNews – 23rd March 2020, reports of people leaving Bangkok to return home across Thailand is causing some concern as this could be the cause of a rapid spread in the COVID-19.

Authorities are therefore tightly monitoring all incoming people to Chiang Mai. The director of the Chiang Mai International Airport has said that all arrivals have to down load an application where they will have to record their health, have a thorough screening before being allowed leave the airport and fill in a form.

The form can be filled and the app downloaded prior to travel to save time at the airport.

The Arcade Bus Station is taking similar measures to screen and take personal details of all passengers. From checking bookings, there is not a massive influx of arrivals at the bus station as many buses are not filled to capacity.

Heads of various districts and subdistricts have received orders from the governor to take stricter measures to combat the spread in their areas. The Doi Tao district head, Anuraks Kongno said that all households who have relatives returning from the city have been asked to register their details with local officials. This measure is being adopted across the north of Thailand, with some villagers in more remote areas of the mountains having already shut themselves off from the outside world completely.

All returning citizens must self quarantine for 14 days without exception.