Excise Department Plan Alcohol Tax Increase of up to 150%

 | Tue 28 Feb 2017 04:29 ICT

CityNews – The Excise Department has announced that they will be charging more tax for alcohol, with tax increases up to 150% that will come into effect over the next 180 days.

The Revenue Department, Excise Department and the Customs Department has announced a group plan to increase the revenue and performance of taxable goods in 2017. The target tax revenue in the first quarter of 2017 was down by 5.8 billion baht and the new tax hike for alcohol was suggested as a way to increase tax revenue by the end of the year.

The customs and excise departments will be implementing a new tax system for petrol, tobacco, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and wine. They also plan to work with the Revenue department to increase individual tax bases and corporation tax.

So far only details about alcoholic beverages has been released:


3.5% and under – From 41.60 baht a bottle (620ml) to 78.50 baht

5%  – From 42.10 baht a bottle (620ml) to 108 baht

5.8% – From 40.70 baht a bottle (620ml) to 123 baht

6%  – From 40.20 baht a bottle (620ml) to 132 baht

7%  – From 46.50 baht a bottle (620ml) to 178 baht


35% – From 160 baht a bottle (700ml) to 312 baht

40% up – From 216-366 baht a bottle (700ml) to 357-447 baht

Rice Whiskey

28% – From 98 baht a bottle (625ml) to 199 baht

35% – From 121 baht a bottle (625ml) to 244 baht


12.5 – 14.5% – From 225 a bottle (0.75cl) to 519 baht

Maximum tax value of 1,482 baht

Despite tax increases of up to 150%, Khaosod has reported that the Excise Department, responding to negativity online regarding the tax hikes, that they don’t expect all brands to be subjected to the full tax increase. They claim each type of alcohol will be evaluated individually before being subject to tax changes. They also claimed that the price of wine will actually fall – despite it being taxed more.

The new tax increase will roll-out over the next 180 days.