ERDI-CMU introduces biochar processing truck in aid of air pollution

 | Wed 24 Jul 2019 13:33 ICT

CityNews – The Energy Research and Development Institute-Nakornping, Chiang Mai University (ERDI-CMU) unveiled research results on biomass pyrolysis, a decomposition process for organic materials. The study has utilised corn cobs, wood chips and cassava to produce biochar.

The institute revealed that the process has shown to release low emissions. The decomposition process uses anaerobic digestion under high temperatures of up to 800 degree Celsius, producing biochar that is rich in carbon. It can be used as fuel, to replace coal, or to fertilise. The production cost is around 10 – 12 baht per kg with a production capacity of 600 kg per day.

The institute also developed a truck which can process biomass pyrolysis while mobilising to demand sites. It is an alternative solution to avoid burning in the open air while benefiting the agricultural sector with biochar produce.

In Chiang Mai, Warm Heart Foundation is also working intensively to introduce biochar to local communities. For more information about their project please visit Stop Smoke 2019