Epileptic Driver Hits Schoolchildren Killing Four

 | Wed 11 Jun 2014 21:25 ICT

CityNews – Today (June 11) at 10a.m. a school in Nong Bua Lumphu Provice has been left stunned by a horrific accident killing four, when a driver suffered an epileptic fit that caused his car to career into a large group of schoolchildren.

The accident occurred at Nongbuapittayakarn School, which was playing host to a large science fair with schoolchildren and teachers from many other schools in attendance.

Mr Bualum Ngohbuddha, the school’s director, was driving his Pajero SUV past the event when he suffered an epileptic fit, causing his SUV to plough into a large group of Pratom schoolchildren. The car careered into children before hitting a tree in a central reservation and coming to a stop.

Many witnesses to the scene rushed to help and the emergency response teams were called immediately. The crash resulted in four schoolchildren, three girls and one boy, loosing their lives and another 13 injured.

The driver was unhurt and the scene is being investigated.

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