Entertainment Industry Meet to Discuss Mourning Period

 | Tue 18 Oct 2016 08:09 ICT

CityNews – Entertainment entrepreneurs as well as media from all over Chiang Mai came together on October 17th at Warm Up Café to discuss mourning etiquette.

The press conference of dos and don’ts during the 30 day mourning period was held to offer clarity to the entertainment industry as well as to musicians. The press conference was organised by the President of Chiang Mai Singers & Actors Association (CMSAA), Panthawat Kankulsoontorn.


Panthawat confirmed the government’s message that all entertainment venues are allowed to open as usual but are requested to tone down over the next 30 days out of respect. Music would be best played acoustically using perhaps two to three instruments rather than a large band and musicians are encouraged to play songs composed by His Majesty.

Concerts and public events are to be postponed until after the 30 day period.

The Ministry of Interior has also released the below guidelines:

1. No gambling of any kind.

2. All laws about entertainment venues and those concerning the consumption of alcohol are to be strictly adhered to.

3. Annual festivals or merit events can take place normally over the next 30 days and weddings as well as private events can occur behind closed doors, but public events are asked to tone down as previously stated.

4. All concerts are to be postponed.

5. Authorities have been told to regularly check for any illegal activities such as drug checks, underage drinking checks, child labour or prostitution checks.