Dusty Developers Lead to Village Protests

 | Tue 6 Feb 2018 05:38 ICT

CityNews – A village in San Pu Loei filed a complaint to the authorities as their road has been used for the passing through of the trailers.

On February 5th, a meeting was held due to a complaint by Baan KS Ville Park’s members against a land development project nearby. The participants included Deputy Mayor of San Pu Loei Subdistrict Municipality, police and about a hundred community members.

As part of the construction process the land on the development area near by is being filled and the trailers carrying dirt have reportedly been frequently passing through the village, causing dust issues. According to Sukpon Buapruan, the president of Baan KS Ville Park, in mid 2017 the project was initiated causing problems to the community members, forcing them to file a complaint with Damrongdhama Center. The project ceased to continue but on December last year big trailers reportedly started to traverse through the community to the property again.

The community proposed that the investors should find an alternative route to go to the site otherwise the case will be filed for a lawsuit.

The matter is still not concluded with the deputy mayor saying that the authorities will seek the solution in about a week.