Dhara Dhevi Signed an MOU with Spa Origins with the Aim to Push Dheva Spa as a Leading Health and Wellness Centre

 | Fri 23 Jun 2017 04:15 ICT

CityNews – A press conference was held on June 22nd at the Dhara Dhevi witnessing the MOU signed by Chairman of IFEC, Dr Wichai Thavornwattanayong and Andrew Jacka, Director of Spa Origins. Along with an introduction to the new General Manager, Wichai Cholahan and answering questions on SP sign posted on IFEC.

Following the Thai Government road map promoting Chiang Mai to be the hub for medical and wellness services, Dhara Dhevi sees a market opportunity for its Dheva Spa. By partnering with the internationally recognised independent spa consulting firm, Dr Wichai’s vision for Dheva Spa is for it to be an ideal destination as a leading health and wellness centre in Asia Pacific, contributing towards sustainable health and well-being for all its customers. As for Spa Origins, Andrew Jacka said that Dheva Spa has the strength in its cultural physical environments, bringing a unique experience to the guest like nowhere else could. This collaboration is expecting to be a step further for Dhara Dhevi in the international market.

Dr Wichai admitted that there are difficulties in administration with many associates involved but he is confident that many interested parties want to invest in Dhara Dhevi. Due to the IFEC stock trading suspension (SP) he said to the press that his concerns are mostly about the damage to stockholders, and says it is best to move with caution.
As for Wichai Cholahan, the new General Manager will be open for an interview at a later date.