Dart Boards Must Now Be Registered to Prevent Gambling According to TDA

 | Fri 16 Mar 2018 04:20 ICT

CityNews – The Thai Darts Association (TDA) has released a statement confirming fears that dart boards must now be registered with the government due to their recent crackdown on gambling across the nation.

In January, news aof bars in Pattaya being raided by authorities, fining bar owners who had dart boards, was shared widely online.

This week, the TDA announced that bar owners must register their dart bards across the country if it is in a public space so to ensure no gambling is taking place.

The registration will provide a ‘dart board licence number’ by the National Culture Commission (ONCC). This licence will be free, and authorities warned bar owners not to trust those selling licences on the grey market.

Raids are being conducted across the nation, with several bars in Chiang Mai taking down boards until they are registered.

Speculation online however suggests that after the crackdown there will be no more raids and authorities will forget the ban.