Daily COVID-19 update from city hall

 | Mon 23 Mar 2020 18:05 ICT

CityNews – 23rd March 2020, only one more case reported in Chiang Mai today, bringing the total up to 13, one of whom has gone home already.
The governor wishes to reassure the public that every precaution is being taken to screen and track all arrivals to Chiang Mai.

At the Centre of Information for the Situation, Provincial Hall, today, Governor Charoenrit Sanguansak along with Dr. Worachet Taecharak, Director of Nakornping Hospital, reported that it is reassuring to see that there has only been one case.  And that this patient had been under monitor already, so wasn’t likely to have spread the virus.

As to arrivals, the numbers are not alarming. Total arrivals at the Chiang Mai International Airport today was 3,000 people, at the train station it was between 100-200 people and by noon today 500 had arrived at Arcade Bus Station, all of which are regular numbers and nothing to be alarmed over.  The governor and the doctor said that they wish to reassure the public that all preventative measures are in place at all three terminals. The first screening is done at the airport, train station and bus station, where officials take personal information from all arrivals while also screening them for any signs of the virus. While the second layer of defence is on the community level where village heads, local authorities, community leaders and teams of volunteers across the province are provided information of arrivals and will ensure that they are self quarantined and taking all precautions to stem the spread. There will be some arrivals who will fall between the cracks, such as those who drive into Chiang Mai in private vehicles, but this is where it is crucial to encourage people to continue to check all news channels and communication resources for updated information, news and advice.

Medical advice is also being sought to give guidelines to offices and other places of work who may have to provide a place to eat for their employees.
As to the one new case found today, it is the daughter of a woman who was diagnosed this weekend, both of whom had just returned from England. The mother is already in hospital under treatment as is the daughter. All passengers on the Thai Smile flight back to Chiang Mai with the mother and daughter have been contacted and told to self-quarantine.

To confirm, the doctor said that Chiang Mai has seen a total of 13 cases, with one already discharged and the 12 remaining cases in hospitals – seven are at Nakornping Hospital, one at Maharaj Hospital, two at San Sai Hospital and two at Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital. All patients are currently in a stable condition with two expected to go home soon. There is one patient who has taken a turn for the worse and has been moved from the Neurological Hospital to Maharaj Hospital.

There have also been a total of 471 cases of patients who have been under close monitoring, with 366 having been sent home and 105 still under observation at hospitals awaiting confirmation of testing. These patients are scattered across various hospitals. According to the doctor, most of these patients are doing well and none are in worrying conditions.