Confusion over alcohol sales this weekend

 | Fri 3 Jul 2020 16:05 ICT

Citylife was told by the Phuping Police station which informed us and bars in the area that as of midnight tonight to midnight Sunday there will be no alcohol sales. But then a letter was issued, also by Phuping Police who say that the ban is from midnight of the night of the 4th to midnight on the night of the 6th which meant that the ban would be on Sunday and Monday.

Latest we called Phuping Police station who now say that they wish to retract their letter as they wrote it wrong. They say that tomorrow is Asahna Bucha Day while the following day, Sunday, is Khao Pansa (Lent). Therefore no alcohol will be sold on both 24 hour periods. This confirms what we originally posted that there will be no sales as of midnight tonight to midnight on Sunday.

We are very sorry for all this confusion and second guessing, but at this point we stand firm on what we have always said that there can be no sales on both religious holidays, which happen to be Saturday and Sunday – in spite of what multiply confused documents say!

Multiple publications across Thailand are grappling with this confusion because in spite of many announcements that alcohol will be sold tomorrow until midnight, it shouldn’t be by law as Asanha Bucha Day is always an alcohol-free day and that is tomorrow.

If we are wrong, we will be here immediately apologising and correcting. Please bear with us while we pin down someone who can confirm.