Collapsed pagoda was designated for urgent repair

 | Fri 30 Sep 2022 16:15 ICT

The Fine Arts Department says that it needs time to inspect the full extent of the damages to the pagoda at Wat Srisupan, Hai-ya sub district, which collapsed last evening.

According to an official from the Fine Arts Department, a crack had been previously reported in the pagoda and the department had inspected it previously, announcing it a danger and cordoning off the pagoda area as well as announcing the closure of the school which sits by it. However, before any damage repair could be done, the pagoda collapsed.

It is speculated that previous repairs only added on the weight of cement to the structure, without strengthening the structure itself. The cement which was added around the pagoda base also slowed the release of any moisture from the pagoda, trapping it instead. That, combined with the gold painted around the structure which also kept the moisture trapped, lead to the interior damage of the structure which could no longer support it.

The Deparment admits that there are numerous ancient and important structures around town which are still awaiting repairs.