Cold Weather Brings More Tourists

 | Thu 10 Dec 2015 03:30 ICT

CityNews – The cold weather has increased the number of tourists visiting the North this year, with record numbers of visitors to some of the most popular destinations.

cold weather

Recently, Doi Inthanon has reported at least 3,000 visitors a day, a number expected to increase over the New Year holidays.

The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang, has also recorded more visitors going to experience the cold and enjoy the beauty of plants and winter flowers grown in the areas.

However, Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office have issued a warning to tourists to avoid lighting charcoal stoves or kerosene lamps in their tents when camping on the mountains. The smoke emits carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which can cause death when inhaled.

Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office added that some people wrongly believe drinking alcohol will make their body warmer. In fact, drinking too much alcohol will release the heat from the body and the body’s temperature will get lower. Every year people die from the cold, often those who have been drinking alcohol.

Residents especially children, elderly people, and those with congenital disease, have also been warned to take extra care of themselves and to make sure to keep themselves warm during the winter months.