CMU Underwear Thief Turns Himself In

 | Mon 12 Feb 2018 06:35 ICT

CityNews – A college student has been charged after he was found stealing underwear from student balconies near Chiang Mai University.

On February 4th, a dormitory owner in the Suthep district near Chiang Mai University received a report from their residents of finding their underwear missing after being hung on the balcony.

The complaints caused the dormitory owner to file a report with Police who in turn opened an investigation suspecting someone of stealing the underwear.

On February 8th, a male suspect was caught on CCTV strolling around the premises in broad daylight before grabbing the underwear from balconies at around 5pm. He would stuff them into his pants and escape on motorcycle.

On February 9th the suspect turned himself in after reading the news about his crimes. The 21 year old man told police that he had been stealing underwear for several months for his own sexual pleasure. Police searched his property and found over 100 pieces of stolen underwear. He has been charged with burglary.