CMU greenlights student protests

 | Thu 20 Aug 2020 19:12 ICT

President of Chiang Mai University, Professor Niwes Nantachit, M.D., announced today that it is the rights of students to express themselves, according to the constitution.

Chiang Mai University has considered the matter and in order to allow students and faculty to express themselves politically it is officially announcing that all such activities are permissible as long as there is no violence and any instigation of social division.

Students are asked to hand in letters requesting permission before oranising any activities Weapons and violence are not to be tolerated or allowed and outsiders are also not allowed to participate.

Any insult to the monarchy will not be tolerated and all activities must be done in accordance to university regulations and the nation’s laws.

“This is a basic right of all citizens under a democracy”, the president said.