Citylife Garden Fair Loy Krathong with TAT and playground with Glom

 | Sat 11 Nov 2023 00:42 ICT

This year will mark the first year that Citylife Garden Fair will host a Loy Krathong activity, supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Chiang Mai.

In January 2005, following the tragedy and devastation of the tsunami, Citylife held its first Citylife Garden Fair, raising over 40,000 baht for victims of the tsunami. Following the success of the fair, we held two fairs each year for the following decade and a half.

Our last fair before the pandemic, held in November 2019, raised over 450,000 baht for local charities.

This year, our fair promises to return to its pre-pandemic glory with nearly all of the 250 available booths now boooked.

Bring your friends, your family and definitely yourself, to the Boontavorn Garden on the 25th November for a day of shopping, eating, drinking, playing, socialising, dancing and importantly, catching up with all the wonderful people in Chiang Mai.

As night falls, Citylife will be handing out biodegradable candle-lit Krathongs which you can then float in the lovely ponds which interconnect across Boonthavorn’s gardens. This will be a wonderfully beautiful event to mark the very special Yi Peng festival. This event will be sponsored by TAT. You can also join our day-long krathong making workshop for only 200 baht per person.

This year we will also be joining hands with Glom Theatre, a Chiang Mai based theatre company with an underlying mission to “push boundaries and expand horizon of what is creatively possible through interactive, sensory events that go far beyond the traditional stage.” As our Citylife Garden Fair sponsor, Glom will have its very own island in the heart of the fair called, ‘Pop-up Pom Pom Playground’. Bring your kids and join in a treasure hunt! Join the fluffy tug of war and play in Nok @ Em’s Thunderbug playground!

There will be a live raffle and auction at the main stage in the afternoon, with 100% of the money raised going to a selected charity (information pending). There will also be raffle tickets for sale throughout the fair with hundreds of thousands of baht worth of prizes kindly donated by Citylife’s friends and customers across Chiang Mai.

We will provide transportation to the fair from the city at 50 baht per head per direction with details to follow. Join us on our Facebook page: Citylife Garden Fair 2023.